1. Entries will only be accepted using the online application process.
  2. If you are entering one of the ‘initiative’ categories, the majority of the delivery should have taken place over the past 12 months.
  3. Very similar or identical information cannot be used to enter multiple categories i.e. each entry has to provide new information specific to that category.
  4. If the form is not completed correctly it may be deemed to be an invalid entry.
  5. Entrants must work within the word count set for each question.
  6. Consultants and other service providers may jointly enter with client organisations. All entries must be signed off by an appropriate person within the client organisation.
  7. The CIPD in Northern Ireland and/or the judging panel reserves the right to confirm the accuracy of the information provided on the entry form.
  8. The name of the entering organisation will always be used as the name referred to in all appropriate marketing communications, unless instructed otherwise.
  9. Entrants agree to co-operate with the CIPD in Northern Ireland who may wish to publicise entries through the use of social media, case studies, specific media articles and events. Commercial sensitivity will always be respected.
  10. The CIPD in Northern Ireland and sponsoring organisations may use photographs /video of the awards ceremony and winners as appropriate.
  11. The decision of the judges is final and no further correspondence will be entered into. Due to the volume of entries we cannot provide individual feedback on entries.
  12. The shortlist in each category will be announced on Friday 25 August 2023.
  13. Finalists will be invited to a category interview with the judging panel on the Tuesday 12 September. Finalists must make themselves available on that day.
  14. Winners will be announced at the awards gala at Titanic Belfast on Thursday 12 October.


Tailor each entry

If you are entering multiple categories, do not copy and paste and be sure to pay attention to the specific category criteria and tailor accordingly. Any duplicate entries in multiple categories will be disqualified.

Clearly describe the business need

  • Make sure that you clearly indicate the business transformation or change undertaken, setting out the role HR played and the business need that was being addressed. What was the intended outcome and how was HR central to that?
  • What was the specific thinking driving the HR effort and how that effort led to a positive outcome?
  • Remember, a great HR idea, initiative or project that isn’t firmly embedded in the needs of the organisation or brought to life in your entry may not stand out amongst others, no matter how brilliant!

Show evidence of delivery and achievement

  • The evaluation process is designed around being able to clearly see and identify measurable results and outcomes as a result of the specific actions taken by the HR team and those who collaborated with the activities.
  • Entrants are asked to clearly indicate where their journey started and where they got to as a result of taking a decisive and distinctive approach. So quantify using appropriate metrics relevant to the business when and where possible!

Explain the people aspects of the project or initiative

  • Set out the specific human resource and people management actions that were taken by HR throughout the change or transformation delivered.
  • Outline how you achieved support for the project / initiative amongst employees and senior managers.
  • Tell us about any cross functional collaboration that was required within the organisation.
  • Good entries often have interesting / innovative communications strategies that clearly get the message across to all stakeholders. Which communications methods worked best for your organisation?
  • How do you intend to build on these efforts in the future?

Show the distinctiveness of your approach

  • Explain what is unique or innovative about your entry.
  • What was the scale and complexity of the challenge(s) that had to be overcome?
  • Make sure to tell us how the sustainable approach taken will support the organisation in the future.
  • Identify how the approach evolved the culture of the organisation to ensure sustainable competitive advantage, engagement and people development.

CIPD professional principles

We are keen to see entries that embody one or more of the CIPD professional principles: principles-led, evidence-based, outcome driven.

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